Minimum-Time Multi-Dimensional Gradient Waveform Design

Brian Hargreaves


Gradient waveform design is an important component of pulse sequence design in MRI. Frequently, there are situations where it is desirable to design waveforms that meet certain constraints in a minimum time. For some situations, the solution is obvious. However, in other cases, analytic solutions may not even exist. The design methods described on this page are particularly useful for design problems that do not have analytic solutions.

For example, these functions can design moment-nulled rewinder gradients for spiral imaging.

Functions Included

The tar file includes numerous .m scripts, some of which are used in the main .m files described below. There is also one .mex function that is compiled for linux, described below. For any .m file, you can obtain information by typing "help "

Download Instructions

Save the tar file, mintgrad.tar.gz to your computer. To extract the files, execute "tar -xzvf mintgrad.tar.gz" from the directory where you have saved the file.

Run Matlab from this directory, and type "tutorial" to begin.


Please drop me an email (Brian Hargreaves) if you use this with comments as to whether it is working, and any changes that could make it easier for you to use.
I will try to respond quickly to questions. Also, please report bugs with this code to Brian Hargreaves.