MRI Tools

Brian Hargreaves, Ph.D.

Bloch Simulator

Simple C-code Bloch equation simulator, with Matlab mex interface.

Spiral Gradient Waveform Design

Variable/Uniform-Density spiral design function in C, with Matlab mex interface.

Gridding Functions

Gridding functions and utilities in C, with Matlab mex interfaces.

Phase-Sensitive SSFP Reconstruction

Phase correction for PS-SSFP in C. Some Matlab test code is included. There is also an OsiriX plugin executable on my OsiriX page.

Minimum-Time Excitation

Minimum-time variable-rate selective excitation code in C, with Matlab mex interfaces.

Time-Optimal Gradient Design

Matlab code for time-optimal preparatory gradient design.

SSFP Catalyzation

Matlab functions for SLR design of startup/catalyzation sequences for balanced SSFP. (There are easier ways to do this!)

All code on these pages is available free of charge for any use.
Acknowledgment is certainly appreciated where appropriate.

Please be aware that many of the routines have minimal error-checking, and you should understand these and other limitations of any routines you use. I am very happy to discuss possible applications and/or extensions of the software provided.

Please send comments / questions / fixes(!) to Brian Hargreaves.