OsiriX Plugins

Brian Hargreaves

NOTE: Some newer, more broadly applicable plugins can be found here

The following are some plugins that I have written for OsiriX which is a fantastic DICOM image viewer for Mac OS X.

To install plugins, expand the .tar files (tar -xvf, or use Stuffit Expander) and move the .plugin directory to your Library/Application Support/OsiriX/Plugins directory. Then run OsiriX.


RGPhaseCorr.plugin is a plugin implentation for taking I & Q images from a FIESTA acquisition and separating water and fat using phase-sensitive SSFP (See MRI Tools site).

This can also be used for 2-point Dixon imaging (Moriguchi et al., Magn Reson Med. 2004 Dec;52(6):1342-50) and probably for phase-sensitive inversion recovery imaging (Kellman et al., Magn Reson Med. 2002 Feb;47(2):372-83).

Example: Download the sample DICOM images of a bottle containing water and oil, extract the tar archive, then import the DICOM images into OsiriX. Open a 2D/3D viewer of the series, and try the plugin. The phase corrected data can also be read into matlab using readcfloats.m.


After selecting a series and the 2D/3D viewer, ImageToMatlab.plugin will save a simple image file that you can read into Matlab using read3dfloats.m. (The file format is x,y,z size (short int) followed by pixel values (float32) so is easy enough to read with other code too.)

Matlab to Osirix

It is quite easy to transfer 3D images from Matlab to Osirix. Here are simple instructions and a simple script, im2osirix.m.


Please report comments/bugs with this code to Brian Hargreaves.

Last updated Nov 29, 2004