Variable-Density Spiral Design Functions

Brian Hargreaves


Spiral k-space scanning is an important research area in MRI. There are numerous references for designing spiral gradient waveforms, including Meyer (1992), King (1995), Pipe (1999), and Glover (1999). I included a brief description of spiral waveform design in my thesis - Section 6.2.1 .

An example application using these waveforms is described in J.H. Lee et al., Fast 3D Imaging using Variable-Density Spiral Trajectories with Application to Limb Perfusion Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 50(6): 1276-1285 (December 2003).

This page contains code for Matlab design of variable-density spiral waveforms, a slightly-expanded version of what is described in the above PDF file. A sample variable-density spiral is shown below. You are welcome to use this code for anything you wish!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Functions Included

The tar file includes numerous .m scripts, and a .c code that can be compiled to a .mex function.

Download Instructions

Save the tar file, vdspiral.tar.gz to your computer. To extract the files, execute "tar -xzvf vdspiral.tar.gz" from the directory where you have saved the file.

For a very simple design, simply type, "g = vdsmex(20)" in Matlab.


Please report comments/bugs with this code to Brian Hargreaves.